One of the most intriguing questions is ‘What is life?’. I am not writing to answer this question but tell you something which might enthrall you similarly.

I had lived with this thought of existence that all species were created by the God. But as I grew up , I realised that my whole childhood and even adulthood is based on the wrong foundation. I lost my faith in almost every thing and pity those who still live in this illusions. So many generations had lived without realising that they were living under false roofs.

Humans crave for a meaningful purpose in life. Humans want to do something very meaningful and divine. Religion gives them a purpose. It is either to protect religion or spread religion. It is not a merely coincident that every religion is built along the same lines. Now, do you realise every religion, every rules and restrictions are merely created by humans just to serve their own purposes. Racism, Caste Discrimination, Religious Supremacy, Terrorism and Nationalism were all created by men to serve their greed of power and resources. Every bad things people has created has sole objective to unite people so as to create its own force.

Even after so much wars and chaos Have they succeeded? The answer is in bold No. Just sit and think about the cause of different problems, you will literally start questioning everything. From nature to human beings everything has lost his true self.

I even don’t feel like sparing different schools of thoughts and philosophies who have tried to constrain humans with illogical system only to quench their ego.

Now the question which should come in your mind is then don’t we need rules. Yes we need one built under the pretext of humanity . Humanity as only similarity we share among ourselves that we are humans. Apart from this we are not supposed to be restricted in any fashion.

Now the question is if everything is fake then wouldn’t giving up on everything will make us feel fearful and afraid. Yes it would but only to make us and our next generation much stronger. They will try to find out the how of our existence. Everyone will have a goal to find their how of existence. See this how will give everyone why .

Because what I believe no one can tell you the right way of living. Only rule which should govern us is Humanity and only goal in life we should have is discovering our capabilities and how and why of our existence.

Want to contribute in building an inclusive and confident society. Want quality education to reach everyone. Proponent of my own religion.

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